When you're evaluating your career options in school, well-meaning advisers may tell you that "the sky's the limit" if you follow a certain path. While you may usually take this type of statement with a pinch of salt, it may not be too far from the truth if you choose a career in the beauty industry. In fact, there may be at least ten ways to find success if you sign up for education in this area, so what do you have to look forward to after beauty school?

Career by the Numbers

  1. To begin with, you could always choose the conventional route by working in a beauty salon in your town or city. This would allow you to build up a regular and loyal clientele and learn some of the insider secrets.
  2. You may opt to get some specialised training by working in a day spa, where you could learn about individual body treatments, like hydrotherapy.
  3. Maybe you want to travel and see some exciting places, and if so, what about a destination spa? This would allow you to live away from home and while you might imagine this to be unsociable, you would be working where other people tend to take their holidays.
  4. In the same vein, you could sign up to work at a high-end hotel spa. There are many of these dotted around the country to tempt you.
  5. There's nothing like picking up experience in a variety of different positions as you pad out your CV. Look for individual spas and salons that present an opportunity to learn, as you move from point to point.
  6. Perhaps you like the idea of travelling the world by working as a beauty therapist on a cruise ship? The range of experience may not be as broad, but you will certainly see some exciting places and the pay can be quite good in this situation.
  7. After a while, you may be ready to break free and set up your own business. Perhaps you want to do this part-time to begin with as you continue working but remember to take into account any set-up costs.
  8. Your own business could well be mobile, where you take your services to someone's work or home. This would allow you to keep your costs down as well.
  9. Once you are happy with working for yourself, you may be able to set up your own spa or salon. In this case, you will have come full circle and can now employ others to work for you. This is, of course, a big undertaking, but it's definitely an example of where you can aim when you enter this business.

Taking the First Step

Of course, you have to start somewhere and one of your first steps will be to sign up for a beauty salon. Make sure that you get full details so you can consider an exciting future ahead.